About TEDxWestoverHills

TEDxWestoverHills, the first ever TEDx event in Fort Worth, Texas, was created in 2021 by a group of visionary undergraduate, graduate, and medical school students in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. We decided to bring TEDx to Fort Worth in order to unleash new ideas that both inspire and inform. TEDx itself has a huge platform with millions of members across the world and we wanted to put Fort Worth on the map as an epicenter for new ideas and conversations.

2022 TEDxWestoverHills Theme: No Space

This past year with the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone is familiar with the “6-feet-apart” and “social distancing” guidelines. Thankfully, with the vaccines now available, there is hope to return to normalcy, but the slogans of the past year are still fresh in our minds. We think that the theme of our TEDx event should encompass what we have learned in this past year. We want to play on the idea of distancing and host an event that focuses on the next step. We have spent the past year working from home, avoiding normal activities, and maintaining space from everyone. Now as normalcy returns, we want to challenge the audience and Fort Worth to take what they learned during this pandemic and spread ideas that encourage inclusivity, intimacy, and togetherness.